Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Trimming the tree

Saying Clu loves to decorate the Christmas tree is an understatement, and this year he was heartbroken he didn't get to help. He was away on a business trip which left the job to the rest of us.  I don't think it was up to Clu standards (especially since the tree was very bottom heavy) but nevertheless we enjoyed it anyway. When he returned we worked on our lovely gingerbread houses to try and make up for the disappointment. It is so much fun to have little children at Christmas time. They make everything exciting and fun.

Working on the kid/mini tree
 Little workers
 Max standing on the arm chair (no, I was not happy about that and he got in trouble for it)
 while Tali was handing him the ornaments.
 Tali rocking the "baby bear" ornament. 
She is a little Momma to everything and everyone.


 So much excitement
 Lots of candy (most ended up in Tali's mouth)
 Finished product pictures:
1st try -
 2nd try -
 This will work -
Most years our Christmas Tree is up the first part of November and this year wasn't any different. We got to enjoy it most of November and December. We had to have time to enjoy it since we were traveling most of the holiday season. The kids are getting so big (I can't stand it) and enjoyed the magic this time of year brings.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Having Fun

It has been many months since our last post and now we are hoping to catch up. These are some fun pictures of the kids playing and teasing.

Tali copying just what papa is doing.

Tali rocking her baby singing "Twinkle, Twinkle"

Daddy teasing Tali "Oh, daddy"

All taped up

Using muscles to get out

I told Max he couldn't go outside cause he didn't have his shoes on. He quickly put his shoes on but forgot the rest of his clothes.

Thursday, November 8, 2012


Max's preschool is at one of the local high schools. As a tradition the kids trick-or-treat to the classrooms. Daddy had to work late on Halloween and so he took a VERY early (at 9 am) lunch break to watch the kids trick-or-treat. Tali kept getting tons of candy for being the cutest little bear (especially in one classroom where she got a hand full for being Clu's daughter - if you want details ask her daddy). They had candy overload and that didn't include night trick-or-treating, visiting Nana Deb's school or stopping by G&G Snow's. By the end of the night, the kids were exhausted from all the fun (can you blame them).

Max with his high school buddy

Getting ready to visit classrooms

Tali has her bag ready for some treats

he was dragging his bag by the end of school trick or treating, it was filled to the brim

 Reading books at Nana Deb's school. They even got to visit her library

playing at centers with the kids 
(Nana Deb was giving directions and Tali thought you were supposed to fold your arms)

Max and friend inventing with Magforms

The choke hold


Since visiting Gardner Village this year, Tali randomly tells me about good witches. She starts with pointing then on to good witches and ends with words I don't understand. I am hoping that since she is talking about good witches that she had a good time. We walked all over the Village finding the good and silly witches. Lucky for us, Nana Deb met us to enjoy the fun, afterwards we headed for a quick dinner before our drive home. 

These kiddos love to play together (most of the time)

Having a turn with the big bell

This is the best daddy, hands down!!!

"wook, wook", Tali loves to show you everything!

One of the witches

Hurry, sit, smile and snap... 
glad with have a quick family picture to remember how much we love each other

Nana Deb with Tali Deb 

Hoping for a picture of the kids.
 Max is mad Tali won't stand by him and Tali is mad Max won't let go of her hand.

"I Do It" famous words from this little lady. She is busy and does not want any help.


Max could not wait to "garve" pumpkins this year. He had found memories of last years fun and couldn't wait to to try it again. I can't stand carving pumpkins, the guts gross me out and so I leave all of the carving fun to daddy while I take the pictures.

We thought that Tali might enjoy coloring her pumpkin since she loves to "Cuulaa"

Serious business with Uncle Marcus

Max is having way too much fun!

Tali finished her fun and was a bit dirty so we threw her in the sink for some bath time fun.

Daddy working with the dremmel

finished product 

Little Man proud of his pumpkin