Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Trimming the tree

Saying Clu loves to decorate the Christmas tree is an understatement, and this year he was heartbroken he didn't get to help. He was away on a business trip which left the job to the rest of us.  I don't think it was up to Clu standards (especially since the tree was very bottom heavy) but nevertheless we enjoyed it anyway. When he returned we worked on our lovely gingerbread houses to try and make up for the disappointment. It is so much fun to have little children at Christmas time. They make everything exciting and fun.

Working on the kid/mini tree
 Little workers
 Max standing on the arm chair (no, I was not happy about that and he got in trouble for it)
 while Tali was handing him the ornaments.
 Tali rocking the "baby bear" ornament. 
She is a little Momma to everything and everyone.


 So much excitement
 Lots of candy (most ended up in Tali's mouth)
 Finished product pictures:
1st try -
 2nd try -
 This will work -
Most years our Christmas Tree is up the first part of November and this year wasn't any different. We got to enjoy it most of November and December. We had to have time to enjoy it since we were traveling most of the holiday season. The kids are getting so big (I can't stand it) and enjoyed the magic this time of year brings.

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d said...

It is so much more magical when you have kiddos to share Christmas with.